We took part at the 3rd Balkan Agility Cup in Beograd, Serbia. It was our first A2 level competition and we won the Balkan Agility Cup on this level (large dogs)! Which is important, we performed a clean A2 run, 1st placed, that was our first step towards the level A3. Please, find our combined video on our last two competitions (V. Szigetkoz Cup, Balkan Cup) below. Concerning the Balkan Cup, taking video on our first three runs was not successful, thus only our last two runs were recorded, we were tired and therefore we were significantly slower than at the V. Szigetkoz Cup. However, you can feel the feeling of the competition based on this video. 🙂 Also the three judges -Anita Szilagyi and Arpad Pirity at the V. Szigetkoz Cup and Paolo Rebasti at the Balkan cup- built very good courses, thank them for it! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy our video. 🙂