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Pro Plan Agility Fest

We took part on the ProPlan Agility Fest in Belgrade (Serbia) And won a run in A2 (2nd place in A2/a3 combined) and a get a 2nd place in A2 based on the two runs (the 2nd run was not very successful). 

4th Balkan Agility Cup

4th Balkan Agility Cup

Our runing contact was still not perfect, so I decided to cease competing for 6-12 month. Our best  result was on this competition that we had a clean 1st placed run i.e. only one run is missing to the A3 level. However, without a perfect RC we would have no...

Our novel training

We prepare to our next competition: 4th Balkan Agility Cup. This video was taken today, at the very end of our training.

RC training

We prepare to the 4th Balkan Agility Cup. Django started to learn RC instead of 2on2off. He is very clever, however, I had no enough time to train him RC as many times as it would be needed to ensure a rapid development. Therefore, we are in the middle of the...

Belgrade Agility Fest

Belgrade Agility Fest

Django had a slalom failure in each runs (I think that it was caused by the slalom's gray color) and I had an injury during the last run.

CSI 2018

We took part on the CSI (Celebration of Spring) 2018 competition in Slovakia. It was not our best competition, we have to improve ourself.

Our training

I was operated with my achilles and we could not take part on tranings during the last two months due to this operation. This video was taken on our first training after this long period of brake. [video width="720" height="576"...


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