Upcoming events and results

Our next competitions:

  1. Qualification for the European Open and World Open, Hungary, 21-22 March, 2020
  2. Qualification for the European Open and World Open, Hungary, 18-19 April, 2020
  3. Mediterranean Dog Challenge, Greece, 22-24 May, 2020 – Have to cancelled

Our results

II. Zen Cup

16.10.2016, Pecs (Hungary), beginner category, 2nd and 1st place (individual runs)

Kraft Carnival Cup

25.02.2017, Tarnok (Hungary), beginner category, 5th and 6th place (individual runs)

CSI 2017

25-26.03.2017, Galanta (Slovakia), A1 category. Dis, Dis, Dis, Dis, 41, Dis (individual runs). This competition was too early for us, because our slalom was not ready. I decided to leave out competitions for learning the slalom

Eminent 2017

03-04.06.2017, Dunajsky klatov (Slovakia), A1 category, 1, Dis, Dis, 4 (individual runs). Two clean runs (without faults) were accomplished. Our slalom was now ready.

VIII. Smaragd Cup

08.07.2017, Erdokertes (Hungary), A1 category, Dis, Dis (individual runs). Very cheap accomodation in a motel – very bad night. We were very tired.

V. Szigetkoz Cup

02.-03.09.2017; Gyor-Zamoly (Hungary), A1 category, A1: agility 2nd, jumoiong 4th (Total: 1st place), open: agility 14th, jumping 7th. We had two clean agility runs and won the A1 agility. Django qualified himself for the level A2. To see a joint video with the 3rd Balkan Agility Cup, please click the button.

3rd Balkan Cup

09.-10.09.2017; Beograd (Serbia), level A2, A2 agility: 2., 4. (Total: 1st); Open in team: 5th (2 agility runs), Open jumping (individual: 15th, clean run). We had a clean A2 agility run and reached the 1st place. This was our first step towards the  level A3. We won the Balkan Cup (level A2, large dogs). For a video (together with the V. Szigetkoz Cup, please click the button.

CSI 2018

07.-08.04.2018; Galanta (Slovakia), Level A2, Dis, Dis, Dis, 5., 13.

Belgrade Agility Fest

05.-06.05.2018 Belgrade (Serbia), Level A2, Dis, 4., Dis, Dis, 3., Dis, The slalom was grey, and Django had slalom fault in each run, and every dis. was in connection with the slalom with the exception of the last run when I got an injury (I think that the color of the slalom caused the failures).

4th Balkan Cup, Level A2, Dis. Dis, 3, Dis, 1, Our RC is not ready. I decided to stop competing for 6-12 months

ProPlan Agility Fest (Belgrade)

We won a run in A2 (2nd place in A2/a3 combined) and a get a 2nd place in A2 based on the two runs (the 2nd run was not very successful)

5th Balkan Cup

31.08-01.09.2019 Belgrade (Serbia), Level A2. Succesful runs albeit our RC was not perfect. We won it on the level A2 (large dogs) and reached a summarized 3rd place among the large dogs. We have proceeded to the level A3. This was our most successful competition until now.

KAN Agility Cup

It was a not official competition in Kaposvar, Hungary with open races on 15.09.2019. Our results: Jumping: 3rd place, agility 8th, Finale: Dis.

Kraft Cup December

15.12.2019, Tarnok, Hungary. It was our first A3 level competition. 1st agility run: 3rd place, 2nd agility run: 4th place.

Time left until our next competition