Our mission

I am Tamas Kovacs, PhD, a Hungarian molecular biologist leading a private research institute (if you are interested, you can find more information on me on my homepage). I started to deal with agility in frame of the Syrius Agility Sport club (Pecs, Hungary) only recently, in 2015, but I became fun of this sport because of the magic bondage between dog and handler. My border collie, Django, is a perfect dog for this sport due to the high level of his intelligence. My homepage contains also information on Django. Moreover, I became the fun of border collies as I met them during the trainings as well as during the competitions. This breed is especially suitable for agility, not surprisingly 40-60% of the large dogs in competitions are border collies.

My secret dream is to establish a border collie cannel breeding dogs specially for agility purposes, therefore, I study dog genetics and dog breeding.This homepage introduces our agility results with Django, however, it will contain also information regarding my kennel later, after I am  sure that I am well-trained enough to establish this one. Thank you for your interest.

Have a nice day! smile Tamas

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